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Explore OUT’s IVY Outdoor Collection

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Objekte Unserer Tage (OUT) has unveiled its latest outdoor collection, IVY, at this year’s Milan design week. Designed with a focus on comfort and durability, IVY features a range of furniture pieces made from powder-coated steel tubes, meticulously crafted to ensure a relaxing outdoor experience.

Ergonomics played a crucial role in the development of IVY, with the design team conducting extensive research and testing to perfect the comfort of the collection. Mechanical tests, test subjects, and extreme material trials were all part of the process, resulting in a range of furniture that invites you to sit back and unwind.

The inspiration behind IVY stems from a desire to create outdoor furniture that harmonizes with modern architecture while providing comfort and longevity. OUT designer David Wendt explains, “I‘m currently building a house for my family on the outskirts of Berlin. So the idea behind the outdoor collection was not entirely altruistic, I have to admit… I haven‘t found anything that harmonizes with the architecture and is comfortable and robust at the same time.”

IVY features structures inspired by purist concrete architecture, creating beautiful shadow patterns throughout the day. The collection is available in two bold colors, Sienna Red and Soft Pink, designed to interact effortlessly with their surroundings and add a touch of luxury to outdoor spaces.

The name IVY holds significance, symbolizing stability and confidence, much like the ancient symbol of ivy in mythology. This collection aims to embody these qualities, offering a sense of timeless quality and presenting something new and exciting in outdoor furniture design.

In addition to its striking design, IVY is also highly functional. The powder coat that covers its steel tubes is durable and weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. The chairs in the collection are stackable, allowing for easy storage in both private and commercial settings.

Overall, IVY represents a blend of modern design, comfort, and functionality, making it a standout addition to outdoor spaces. Whether used in a residential garden or a commercial setting, this collection is sure to make a statement and provide a comfortable and stylish outdoor seating solution.

To learn more about the IVY outdoor collection and explore other furniture trends, visit objekteunserertage.com.

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