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Enrico Marone Cinzano’s Rosa Tank Lamp

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Italian artist Enrico Marone Cinzano presents his latest creation, the Rosa Tank Lamp, at the 18th edition of Design Miami/ Basel 2024. Showcased by Friedman Benda at Booth 2, this stunning piece is part of a group installation that features prominent artists like Ini Archibong, Wendell Castle, Carmen D’Apollonio, Misha Kahn, Samuel Ross, Ettore Sottsass, and Barbora Žilinskaitė. The exhibit explores unique visual languages, material choices, and distinct processes by eight leading studios, embodying the essence of a multidisciplinary design studio.

The Rosa Tank Lamp stands out with its monochromatic elegance, crafted from a large slab of leftover pink onyx sourced from Italy. The onyx forms the base of a hand-painted steel structure, encased with recovered World War II tank prisms illuminated by LED lights. This piece showcases Marone Cinzano’s dedication to sustainable and found materials, blending pink hues with industrial elements. His approach aligns with the ethos of creating custom products that are both artistically and environmentally conscious.

Marone Cinzano’s work is deeply rooted in nature and the environment. His designs reflect a profoundly conscious and ethical approach to repurposing recovered materials. The Rosa Tank Lamp is no exception, blending craftsmanship with sustainable practices to create a piece that is both visually striking and meaningful. This aligns with the principles of many contemporary art design studios that prioritize sustainability and innovation.

The artist’s inspiration is further influenced by the Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle derived from the Fibonacci sequence. This naturally occurring sequence of numbers informs the dimensional relationships in his designs, creating harmoniously balanced compositions. Marone Cinzano’s fascination with the Golden Ratio, coupled with his interest in physics, mathematics, nature, and sociology, shapes his holistic approach to design.

In addition to the Rosa Tank Lamp, the group installation at Friedman Benda’s booth features diverse works from other celebrated artists. Samuel Ross’s Fire Open Stone (2022) explores the connections between body, material, meaning, and memory, drawing inspiration from West African furniture, modernism, and brutalism. Misha Kahn’s Saturday Morning series mirrors and Mole Eats Worm (2020) sofa bring a whimsical touch to the exhibition. Barbora Žilinskaitė’s Sunbather (2023) reflects her exploration of brightly colored dyes and surrealistic organic forms. Ettore Sottsass’s Aluminum Cabinets (C) and (D) (2024) highlight his shift towards craftsmanship and away from industrial materials in the last years of his life.

Marone Cinzano’s inclusion in this prestigious event underscores his position as a leading figure in the world of design galleries and multidisciplinary design studios. His ability to merge artistic vision with sustainable practices sets him apart in the contemporary art and design landscape. Later this year, he will stage his first solo exhibition in the US at Friedman Benda Gallery in New York, from November 14th to December 22nd, 2024, further cementing his reputation as an innovative and thoughtful designer.

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