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Dotti Collection: Soft Curves, Bold Comfort

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Like a siren’s song calling out to passersby, the Dotti collection enchants with its alluring features. Designed by Union Design for KFI Studios, this series includes upholstered lounge chairs, ottomans, poufs, and coffee tables, and visually promises comfort in public spaces and delivers spectacularly.

Four modern cushioned seats of varying sizes and colors are arranged in front of a brick wall. The seats include two ottomans, a chair without arms, and a chair with a wooden backrest. All the pieces in the Dotti collection share a common detail: a rounded, upholstered base. “Dotti’s form was designed to convey comfort,” says Jeff Theesfeld, founder of Union Design. “The upholstery, oversize proportions, and casual pillow all combine to embrace a refined calmness.”

The pouf comes with a leather strap, available in Almond Biscotti, Basilica, or Black, making it a versatile seating option that can be easily moved. The ottomans have a wider profile, ideal for placing objects or resting tired feet. The furniture trends highlighted by the Dotti collection emphasize functionality and adaptability, catering to the dynamic needs of modern lounge spaces.

The coffee tables are available in two sizes (20” or 30”) and are paired with surfaces from Wilsonart, a world-leading engineered surfaces company, with 26 colors to choose from. This versatility in design and color allows for customization that aligns with the latest furniture trends, ensuring that each piece can be tailored to fit the aesthetic of any space.

The pièce de résistance of the collection are the lounge chairs. With their curved plywood backs coupled with plush pillows, the chairs look and feel much more elevated than most public seating. The low back offers support and allows the user to remain immersed in their surroundings, while the high back offers subtle privacy in crowded areas. The chair’s base can be configured to stay fixed or swivel with an automatic return-to-center mechanism. The Lounge Chair backs come in a choice of four laminate finishes – White, Ash, European Beech, and Dark Chestnut – while the pillow and seat cushions can be upholstered in various textiles.

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Together, the pieces in the Dotti collection transform the experience of public seating into one of delightful comfort and versatile practicality. The distinctive rounded, upholstered bases, along with a variety of fabrics, surfaces, leathers, and laminates, allow the collection to seamlessly fit into any space. Whether you’re creating a comfortable lounging area, a casual spot for impromptu collaboration, or a private retreat within a busy environment, the Dotti collection delivers on all fronts.

The collection’s ability to blend into diverse settings while providing exceptional comfort makes it a standout in current furniture trends. The Dotti collection not only meets the aesthetic demands of modern design but also elevates the functionality and comfort of public seating, making it an ideal choice for any lounge space.

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