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Design Events 2024

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Numerous annual events feature the newest inventions, trends, and creative expressions in the continuously developing design field. Everywhere in the world, people who are passionate about design are looking forward to a packed calendar of outstanding events in 2024 that will spur inspiration, knowledge, and innovation. 

With some of the world’s most significant cities represented, let’s take a deeper look at twenty of the top design events scheduled for 2024.

Stockholm Design Week
Stockholm Design Week

1. Stockholm Design Week - 5 to 11 February, Sweden

Stockholm comes alive with creativity during its Design Week, presenting open studios, showrooms, talks, exhibitions, and installations. The highlight of Stockholm design week is the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the largest event during the festival, showcasing over 200 brands in furniture, textiles, surfaces, and lighting.

2. Design Doha - 24 February to 5 August, Qatar

Qatar enters the design scene with the inaugural Design Doha, featuring events across the city until August. The biennial explores various disciplines through exhibitions, talks, and workshops, from crafts and textiles to architecture and graphic design. Organized by Qatar Museums, Design Doha promises a unique exploration of creativity in the Middle East.

3. DW! Sao Paulo Design Week - 14 to 24 March, Brazil

Sao Paulo hosts its 13th design week in March, focusing on innovation in design, architecture, urban planning, and art. With over 220 events and 120 exhibitors across seven districts, DW! Sao Paulo Design Week provides a vibrant platform for exhibitions, talks, fairs, workshops, and product launches.

4. Design Shenzhen - 21 to 24 March, China

Launched in 2023, Design Shenzhen highlights global design brands in furniture, lighting, surfaces, and textiles. The event features a forum on “The Fusion of Design and Technology” with talks by creative directors, founders, and strategists. The Rural Future Awards program emphasizes sustainable architecture in rural China.

Design Shenzhen
Milan Design Week

5. Milan Design Week - 15 to 21 April, Italy

Undoubtedly the largest annual design event globally, Milan Design Week spans hundreds of venues across the city. The Salone del Mobile design fair, running from April 16 to April 21, alternates between EuroCucina and Euroluce exhibitions. Milan Design Week is a must-attend for anyone passionate about cutting-edge design.

Every year, Milan hosts the Milan Furniture Fair, also known as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano in Italian. It is the world’s biggest trade show of its sort. The most recent furniture and design from several nations is on display in this exhibition. It is regarded as a premier location for introducing new goods by furniture, lighting, and other home furnishings designers. The event, which goes by the names “Salone,” “Milano Salone,” and “Milan Design Week,” takes place annually in April at the FieraMilano complex in the town of Rho in the Milan metropolitan area. In addition to the Salone, the International Bathroom Show, and Euroluce Show are held in April of every year alongside the Milan Furniture Fair.

6. Design March - 24 to 28 April, Iceland

The 16th Design March festival in Reykjavík, Iceland, showcases Nordic and global designs across nine regions. With open studios, exhibitions, talks, and product launches, DesignMarch provides a unique perspective on design in a breathtaking setting. The festival presents the greatest local design alongside global names in various categories, including fashion, furniture, architecture, the environment, food, product design, and digital design.


7. NYCxDesign - 16 to 23 May, USA

The annual NYCxDesign festival is held in each of the five boroughs of New York City and provides a platform for showcasing the various talents of local designers and artisans. The eight-day event aims to examine the topics of innovation, culture, inclusion, sustainability, and resilience through various events such as seminars, installations, and showrooms. Notable events include ICFF(International Contemporary Furniture Fair), WantedDesign Manhattan, Lightfair, and the Design Pavilion outdoor exhibition.

8. Melbourne Design Week - 23 May to 2 June, Australia

Melbourne Design Week enters its ninth edition with the theme “Ecology, Ethics, and Energy.”  Two distinct streams comprise the program. Melbourne Art Book Fair, Melbourne Design Fair, and other local and international exhibitions and events are arranged by the National Gallery of Victoria.

With over 350 events, the festival includes workshops, installations, talks, tours, exhibitions, and launches across Melbourne and Victoria.

Melbourne Design Week
3 Days of Design

9. 3 Days of Design - 12 to 14 June, Denmark

Copenhagen’s 3 Days of Design celebrates its 11th anniversary with over 250 global brands and designers participating in exhibitions, talks, open studios, and fairs. The event explores various design aspects, from furniture to materials and accessories.

10. Design Shanghai - 19 to 22 June, China

Design Shanghai, the sister event to Design Shenzhen, takes place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. The trade show is divided into three categories and features the Design Shanghai Design Forum with talks on sustainable and recreative design.

11. Helsinki Design Week - 6 to 15 September, Finland

The 20th edition of Helsinki Design Week invites professionals and enthusiasts to celebrate creativity and innovation in Finland. With exhibitions, parties, open showrooms, talks, workshops, and tours, the week explores fashion, interiors, graphic design, and urban planning.

London Design Festival

12. London Design Festival - 14 to 22 September, UK

Returning for its 22nd edition, the London Design Festival transforms the UK capital with installations, exhibitions, talks, and workshops over nine days. The festival expands year-on-year, introducing new districts and offering a diverse showcase of design trends.

13. Singapore Design Week - September, Singapore

While the dates are yet to be announced, Singapore Design Week, organized by the DesignSingapore Council, is expected to feature events such as the design fair FIND and the Design Futures Forum. The festival spans three districts in Singapore.

14. Design Week Lagos - 16 to 27 October, Nigeria

Exploring the economic, social, cultural, and environmental impact of design, Design Week Lagos has grown since its launch in 2019. The event includes the annual fair MADE by Design Show and the DWL Design and Innovation Exhibition.

15. Dutch Design Week - 19 to 27 October, The Netherlands

Eindhoven-based Dutch Design Week addresses multiple disciplines: social, graphic, landscape, animation, game, circular, and bio design. The event, known for its interactive initiatives, explores environmental, health, well-being, social equity, and digital innovation themes.

16. Designart Tokyo - October, Japan

Returning in October, Designart Tokyo is a city-wide festival featuring exhibitions, parties, and workshops at various locations. Each edition follows an annual theme; the 2023 edition addressed computational design. 

17. Design Week Mexico - October, Mexico

The 16th edition of Design Week Mexico is set to take place in Mexico City in October, honoring a new guest nation and guest state of Mexico. The event highlights cultural exchanges and hosts the annual Design House exhibition.

18. Dubai Design Week - November, UAE

Marking its 10th edition in 2024, Dubai Design Week, organized in partnership with Dubai Design District, hosts workshops, exhibitions, installations, and talks. The design fair Downtown Design is a major highlight.

Dubai Design Week
Miami Art Week

19. Miami Art Week - December, USA

Miami Art Week concludes the design calendar with a week-long celebration of art fairs, exhibitions, and installations predominantly located in the vibrant Miami Design District and along the scenic Miami Beach areas. Events like Art Basel and Design Miami, along with the first international Alcova event in 2023, create a dynamic atmosphere for art and design professionals and enthusiasts to explore the contributions of over 1,000 global galleries.

These events showcase various artistic expressions, from traditional mediums to cutting-edge installations, reflecting the diversity and innovation prevalent in the contemporary art scene. The fusion of art and design in Miami during this week is a fitting conclusion to a year filled with creativity and inspiration.

Design Events: Not Just Showcases but Catalysts for Progress in 2024

Design events are not just showcases; they are catalysts for progress, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and inspiring future innovations. Each event has its unique charm, offering a glimpse into its host city’s cultural nuances and design philosophies. Whether it’s the busy streets of Milan, the eclectic energy of New York City, or the serene landscapes of Iceland, these events encapsulate the spirit of their surroundings.

Sustainable Design: Shaping the Future Beyond Aesthetics

In addition to the aesthetic and artistic aspects, many of these events also delve into critical themes such as sustainability, technology integration, and social impact. Design is not merely about aesthetics; it is a powerful force that can shape how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. The emphasis on sustainability, for example, reflects a growing awareness of the environmental impact of design choices and a commitment to creating a more responsible and eco-friendly future.

Fostering Collaboration and Global Connections in the Design Community

Moreover, these events foster collaboration and networking within the design community. Designers have the opportunity to connect with peers, share insights, and form partnerships that can lead to groundbreaking projects. The global nature of these events facilitates cross-cultural exchanges, enriching the design landscape with diverse perspectives and influences.

As we embark on these design events in 2024, these events promise to be showcases of creativity and forums for discussions, learning, and networking. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring designer, or simply a design enthusiast, these global events offer a unique opportunity to witness the pulse of the design world and gain valuable insights into the industry’s future.

To sum up, 2024’s design events showcase an abundance of inventiveness, ingenuity, and cooperation. Every event adds to the worldwide discourse on design, whether it takes place in the vibrant metropolises of New York and Tokyo or the cultural hotspots of Milan and Mexico City. Attending these events will certainly have a revolutionary effect on the design industry, so let’s embrace the diversity of ideas, celebrate the force of creation, and look forward to it.

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