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Creativity Born: Me & You Lighting

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Catastrophe often serves as a catalyst for creativity, and the Me and You lighting collection by Flack Studio and Volker Haug is a testament to this. This collection, introduced at Milan Design Week 2024, originated from a seemingly disastrous event in Melbourne, Australia. During an installation, Flack Studio faced an irreparably broken vintage wall sconce. Instead of letting this ruin their project, they called upon their neighbor, Volker Haug, to craft a fitting for the existing back plate. This collaboration turned what could have been a setback into an opportunity for innovation, resulting in a unique collection of decorative light fixtures.

The collaboration began with a fixed, 20 x 20 cm back plate as a design constraint. However, the studios soon abandoned these limits, allowing the natural design process to take over. The close proximity and shared aesthetic of the studios facilitated easy brainstorming, prototyping, and editing. Flack Studio concentrated on the in-situ placement of each light, while Volker Haug tackled the technical and material aspects. This balance created an industrial language that reflects their shared belief in material narratives, utilizing brass, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass.

The Me and You collection, aptly named, symbolizes not only their collaborative effort but also the unique relationship between light and space. This union is central to the design process, as it shapes the atmosphere and experience of a space. The decision to avoid strict design restraints allowed for diversity in style, proportion, and detail. Each piece, whether a wall lamp, pendant, or table lamp, feels related yet distinct, akin to family members.

This approach aligns with the ethos of a multidisciplinary design studio, where collaboration across different fields and expertise can lead to innovative and cohesive design solutions. By embracing material and color diversity, the collection avoids a rigid uniformity, instead offering a variety of expressions that maintain a coherent aesthetic. This reflects a broader trend in contemporary design, where flexibility and interdisciplinarity are highly valued.

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The Me and You collection is more than just a series of light fixtures; it is a narrative of how collaboration and flexibility can transform challenges into creative opportunities. It underscores the importance of material narratives and the unique relationship between light and space in shaping our environments. For more details on this innovative collection, visit volkerhaug.com or flack.studio, and explore how these two studios have exemplified the power of a multidisciplinary design studio in creating functional art.

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