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Conical Lighting: Lodes x Diesel’s New Designs

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Lodes and Diesel have once again joined forces to explore the captivating allure of conical lighting. The cone, a tantalizing silhouette in geometry, has been brilliantly reimagined in two new luminaries: Cross and Megaphone. These fashionable fixtures made their debut during Milan Design Week, capturing the attention of spring audiences with their unique interpretations of the conical form. Suitable for both contract and residential spaces, these additions are designed to cater to a wide range of tastes, making them a versatile choice for any setting.

The Megaphone table lamp, a standout in the conical lighting collection, contemporizes the iconic shape by marrying modern minimalism with a nostalgic touch. This fusion results in a future-retro aesthetic that is both familiar and refreshingly new. The Megaphone’s silhouette widens upwards, as if prepared to emit sound, but instead, it produces a soft, inviting light from its center. The gradient-effect blown glass shade adds a layer of voyeuristic intrigue, as the bulb appears to be caught mid-undress when viewed through the iridescent finish. Complementing this are elements like the black steel base, which add attractive touches to the overall design.

In contrast, the Cross pendant lamp presents a simpler, more elegant approach to conical lighting. It features a conical ivory fabric diffuser and a distinctive “x” metal detail at the apex. This minimalist lamp is a testament to the design philosophy that form should always serve function. The Cross lamp can stand alone as a statement piece or be hung in unison with others, making it a flexible option for various interior designs.

custom products
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Both the Cross and Megaphone lamps highlight the collaborative brilliance of Lodes and Diesel, a testament to their ability to create innovative and visually appealing designs. These pieces are not just lighting fixtures; they are art pieces that can transform any space. This makes them perfect for inclusion in a design gallery where their artistic value can be fully appreciated.

The collaboration between Lodes and Diesel is a prime example of what a multidisciplinary design studio can achieve. By bringing together expertise from different fields, they have created custom products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These lamps are a perfect fit for custom interior design, providing unique solutions that cater to specific needs and tastes.

multidisciplinary design studio,design gallery ,custom products,custom interior design
multidisciplinary design studio

In the world of lighting design, the use of conical lighting is not just about illumination but also about creating a visual statement. The Cross and Megaphone lamps from Diesel Living with Lodes exemplify this concept beautifully. These fixtures are more than just light sources; they are pieces of art that add character and style to any environment.

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