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Comfort Zone: Collection 40’s Furniture

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This year, Equiparc celebrates four decades of enhancing public spaces with their high-quality, sturdy, and versatile site furniture. To commemorate this milestone, they’ve introduced Collection 40, an inclusive line of utilitarian modular tables and benches designed to endure the test of time. Inspired by the success of the 2021 Urbaniti Collection, this new series was carefully crafted in-house to embody fluidity and freedom of movement.

The lightweight components of Collection 40 include straight and curved benches and tables, along with accessories like backrests, armrests, and tabletops, all encouraging creativity in project configurations. Whether you’re accommodating a large gathering or creating an intimate space, Collection 40 offers limitless possibilities. Arrange the benches around a tree, in an S-shape, or in a semi-circle, with no limits to layouts or integration. Openings between the benches ensure accessibility for those with reduced mobility, while other features and embellishments help create a comfort zone for everyone.

The collection’s seating and tabletops utilize hot-dip galvanized steel, known for its durability when exposed to the elements, and are coated with a polyester powder for added protection. The slat covers are available in a range of local and exotic hardwoods, as well as a post-consumer option. Choose from Ipe, Jatoba, Douglas fir, White oak, and recycled plastic, available in five colors.

custom furniture design

Die-cast aluminum bases were designed using an interlocking modular system, allowing for easy assembly and replacement of base supports for wall-mounted installations. The interchangeable pieces feature a rounded design that’s in line with the seating’s slats, arranged width-wise to minimize material waste and optimize usage.

Collection 40 offers custom furniture design possibilities to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple bench or an elaborate seating arrangement, Collection 40 provides the flexibility to create the perfect setting. Experience the comfort and versatility of Collection 40 and transform your outdoor space into a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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