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Cesto Chair: Basket-Inspired Outdoor Seating

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Spanish designer Pablo Regaño has created a chair for Polish furniture company Artu that resembles a wicker basket, aptly named the Cesto chair. The chair’s simple form is made up of metal tubes and slats, making it durable for outdoor use.

The name “Cesto” comes from the Spanish word for a large wicker basket, traditionally used for gathering and storing various items. Regaño drew inspiration from the characteristic shape of these baskets and sought to celebrate their cultural significance, which is shared by many societies worldwide.

The Cesto chair is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a tribute to traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Its design reflects the timeless appeal of natural materials and the simplicity of traditional forms.

Designed with outdoor use in mind, the Cesto chair is available in a variety of colorways to suit different preferences and environments. Additionally, its stackable design allows for efficient storage when not in use, making it ideal for compact spaces or commercial settings where flexibility is key.

This project exemplifies the essence of custom furniture design, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary aesthetics. It showcases how designers can draw inspiration from cultural heritage to create modern, functional pieces that pay homage to the past.

The Cesto chair is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a conversation starter that invites people to appreciate the beauty of time-honored traditions and the artistry of skilled craftsmen.

As part of Dezeen Showroom, the Cesto chair by Pablo Regaño for Artu is a prime example of partnership content, providing brands with a platform to showcase their latest designs to a global audience.

Overall, the Cesto chair is a testament to the enduring appeal of handcrafted furniture and the importance of preserving cultural heritage through modern design. It highlights the value of custom furniture design in creating meaningful connections between past, present, and future generations.

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