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Casetify’s Recycled Phone Case Art Installation

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Casetify is making waves in sustainable design with its innovative use of recycled phone cases in public art installations across the globe. As part of its 2024 Earth Month campaign, “Journey to Re/Birth,” the electronics accessory brand collaborated with local artists in the US, South Korea, China, Australia, and Thailand to create art and design pieces from discarded phone cases collected through its Re/Casetify upcycling program.

In New York, Wade and Leta transformed 12,000 recycled phone cases into a table and stools at Brooklyn’s DevociĆ³n Cafe. The pieces feature a unique texture created with a water-based plaster mixed with granulated plastic case pieces, showcasing a vibrant blend of colors.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, three Korean artists crafted an outdoor installation at the Seoul Arts Center’s Music Square. Surin Kim, Dayoung Hwang, and Youngmin Kang used recycled pellets to create artworks that reflect Korean culture and nature, including a traditional stone pagoda and a giant chair.

In Bangkok, Casetify partnered with the Tlejourn Shoes Project to create shoe soles from recycled plastic pellets, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement. The collaboration resulted in a limited edition of 500 pairs of sandals made from old phone cases.



Additionally, Australian furniture design studio Eva repurposed old phone cases as a structural base for a sofa in the Casetify Studio Store in Sydney, adding a dynamic color pattern to the piece.

Through its Re/Casetify upcycling program, Casetify encourages customers to donate their old smartphones and earbud cases, which are then shredded and processed into recycled plastic for new accessories. Over 84,000 kilograms of plastic have been recycled since the program’s inception in 2021.

Custom Product initiatives like Casetify’s not only promote sustainability but also inspire creativity and innovation in design. By transforming waste into functional and beautiful pieces of art and furniture, Casetify demonstrates that a plastic-free future is possible through creative solutions and community collaboration.

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