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Barbie x Kartell: Iconic Chairs Reimagined

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Kartell, known for its innovative designs, recently collaborated with Mattel to create a unique collection that merges iconic furniture with Barbie’s signature style. The collaboration celebrates Barbie’s 65th anniversary by transforming five of Kartell’s Philippe Starck-designed chairs into vibrant, hot-pink creations fit for both humans and Barbie dolls.

One of the standout pieces in the collection is the Barbie-sized version of the AI chair, the first chair designed by Kartell using artificial intelligence. This innovative piece showcases the intersection of technology and creativity, highlighting Kartell’s commitment to pushing boundaries in design.

Another highlight is the Barbie-sized Louis Ghost chair, a transparent, stackable chair with a round backrest that exudes Barbie Dreamhouse-style charm. The sleek silhouette and pink finish of the Louis Ghost chair evoke a sense of whimsy and nostalgia, making it a perfect addition to Barbie’s world.

The collection also includes scaled-down versions of the Masters, Eros, and Venice chairs, each recreated in Pantone 219 C, the iconic Barbie Pink hue. Made from recycled plastic, these miniature chairs are not only stylish but also environmentally friendly.

To complement the Barbie-sized chairs, Kartell and Mattel designed slim, rectilinear packaging using recycled paper, adding an eco-friendly touch to the collection. This thoughtful packaging reflects both brands’ commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The Barbie x Kartell collection was unveiled at Milan Design Week, where it was displayed alongside other innovative furniture projects. The collaboration marks a unique fusion of toy and art, blurring the lines between playfulness and sophistication.

This collaboration showcases the potential for custom products that cater to specific audiences. By creating Barbie-sized versions of their iconic chairs, Kartell demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of their designs. The use of recycled plastic and paper packaging also highlights the importance of sustainability in product design. Overall, this collaboration sets a new standard for creative partnerships in the design industry.

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