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Átló Collection: Elegance in Diagonals

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The Átló collection by Studio Komok is a testament to the elegance and functionality of diagonal lines in furniture design. This innovative project, featuring an armchair and a sideboard, exemplifies playful geometry while emphasizing the symbolic and structural layered meanings of diagonals. Known for their efficiency in linking distant points, diagonals are a common sight in structures like barn doors and bridges. In the Átló collection, they also symbolize the bridging of different disciplines and individuals through communication and knowledge exchange.

Crafted with minimal material usage and basic technology, the custom furniture design of the Átló collection features a simple yet distinct visual language. The design utilizes custom plywood with a dark walnut veneer line running through the center, developed locally. This minimalist approach allows for unique forms depending on the viewer’s perspective, highlighting the symbolism of diagonals in both form and meaning. The collection’s visual simplicity belies its intricate design, inviting viewers to appreciate the nuanced interplay of lines and angles.

custom furniture design
multidisciplinary design studio

Produced by the local carpenter workshop Barlang Műhely, the Átló collection reflects the connecting role of Hungary. This multidisciplinary design studio has incorporated cushions made by Vándor Studio, a local textile workshop, adding a layer of local craftsmanship to the pieces. The Budapest-based studio’s approach to custom interior design is evident in their attention to detail and use of locally sourced materials, ensuring that each piece is not only visually striking but also deeply rooted in its cultural context.

The creative design studio behind the Átló collection has ensured that each piece stands as a testament to the possibilities of diagonal lines in furniture design. The collection was brought to life through a curated competition organized by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) and curated by Rossana Orlandi. It was showcased at Milan Design Week in the Milano Triennale during the Design Walk in Budapest exhibition, also curated by Rossana Orlandi and organized by HFDA. This prestigious platform highlights the global relevance and appeal of the Átló collection, underscoring the universal language of design that transcends borders.

custom interior design
custom interior design

The minimalist design of the Átló collection is not just about aesthetics; it is about creating meaningful connections. The custom furniture design by Studio Komok serves as a bridge between the traditional and the contemporary, the functional and the artistic. The use of diagonal lines, while simple in concept, adds a layer of depth and complexity to the furniture, inviting users to engage with the pieces in new and thoughtful ways.

In conclusion, the Átló collection by Studio Komok is a remarkable exploration of the meaning and potential of diagonal lines in furniture design. This multidisciplinary design studio has created pieces that are both visually stunning and symbolically rich, reflecting the cultural role of Hungary as a connector between East and West. The collection’s custom interior design and minimalist approach highlight the studio’s commitment to innovative design and local craftsmanship. The Átló collection stands as a testament to the power of design to bridge gaps, connect people, and create meaningful experiences.

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