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Aspen Golann: Playful Elegance in Wood

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Craft is a celebration of artistry, where skilled hands shape materials into objects that embody beauty and function. In the realm of custom furniture design, Aspen Golann stands out for her playful yet elegant approach to woodworking. Based in New Hampshire, Golann’s creations—ranging from furniture to spoons and candlesticks—are crafted almost entirely by hand in her studio.

Golann’s work is a blend of tradition and innovation. Trained in traditional woodworking techniques prevalent in British and American life from the 17th to 19th century, she acknowledges the historical context of her craft. However, rather than being bound by tradition, Golann infuses her designs with a lively twist, creating pieces that are both functional and whimsical.

One of her notable creations, “Group Work,” features a single handle that branches into five heads, while the “Double Loop Brush” elegantly stacks two round spheres atop one another. These designs not only showcase her technical skill but also her ability to imbue everyday objects with a sense of playfulness.

Golann’s work also reflects her deep understanding of the cultural and social implications of design. She questions whether the beauty of traditional furniture can be separated from the racism, classism, and misogyny of the past. Her response is to reinterpret traditional techniques into objects that are more inclusive and light-hearted.

Through her nonprofit, The Chairmaker’s Toolbox, Golann extends her passion for woodworking to others, offering free training and supplies to aspiring woodworkers. She also teaches in the furniture department at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she shares her knowledge and passion with the next generation of designers.

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Golann’s work is not just about creating objects; it’s about creating a connection between the past and the present, between tradition and innovation. Her pieces invite us to reconsider the role of craft in our lives, reminding us of the beauty and joy that can be found in everyday objects.

In the world of creative design studios and interior design galleries, Aspen Golann’s work is a shining example of how craftsmanship can be both timeless and contemporary, bridging the gap between function and art.

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