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Artful Fusion: NOOM’s HELLO Collection

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In the ever-evolving world of furniture design, where functionality meets artistic expression, NOOM’s HELLO Furniture Collection emerges as a captivating embodiment of both. Unveiled amid the prestigious backdrop of Milan Design Week 2024, this collection, showcased as part of the “Ukraine Design Brands” exhibition, redefines the boundaries between furniture and art.

Custom interior design plays a pivotal role in shaping contemporary living spaces, and NOOM’s HELLO Collection seamlessly integrates into this narrative. Crafted by Denis Sokolov, the collection encompasses a range of pieces, each exuding a playful yet sophisticated allure. From the iconic HELLO chair to the inviting HELLO sofa and the charming HELLO coffee tables, every element bears the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship and visionary design.

NOOM HELLO Collection
multidisciplinary design studio

The HELLO chair stands as a testament to the fusion of form and function. With its multidisciplinary design studio approach, NOOM has sculpted a chair that transcends mere seating, captivating the eye with its striking curves and organic contours. Whether adorning a modern interior or serving as a focal point in a minimalist setting, the HELLO chair commands attention, blurring the lines between furniture and sculpture.

As we delve deeper into the collection, the HELLO sofa emerges as a symbol of comfort and style. Embracing the same distinctive silhouette as its counterparts, the sofa beckons relaxation while making a bold statement in any space. Paired with the HELLO coffee tables, crafted with precision from ashwood and available in various finishes, the ensemble creates an ambiance of refined elegance.

furniture trends

Amidst the furniture trends that ebb and flow, NOOM’s HELLO Collection stands out as a timeless expression of creativity. Each piece, from the HELLO chair to the sculptural coffee tables, is imbued with a sense of artistry that transcends mere utility. As we navigate the realms of contemporary design, these custom products from NOOM’s studio offer not just furniture but a canvas for self-expression and storytelling within our homes.

In a world where the boundaries between art and design blur, NOOM’s HELLO Furniture Collection serves as a beacon of inspiration. It beckons us to embrace the interplay of form, function, and creativity, inviting us to curate spaces that reflect our unique tastes and personalities. With each piece bearing the imprint of thoughtful design and unparalleled craftsmanship, the HELLO Collection invites us to reimagine the way we inhabit and interact with our living environments.

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