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Arper Unveils Eco-Friendly Catifa Carta Chair

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Arper has recently made a significant impact in the furniture industry with the introduction of their innovative Catifa Carta chair. This eco-friendly version of their iconic Catifa 53, first launched in 2001, was unveiled during Milan design week 2024. The new Catifa Carta is crafted from PaperShell, a composite material made from paper combined with a natural resin binder, designed to be entirely circular. This sustainable approach has allowed Arper to create a chair that sequesters carbon dioxide, mirroring the natural process of trees.

The Catifa Carta chair maintains the sleek, bi-curved silhouette that made the original Catifa 53 a classic. It features a simple all-in-one shell that serves as both seat and backrest, supported by various metal base styles, including sled-style legs, four individual legs, and a trestle base with or without wheels. The re-engineered shell, composed of 29 sheets of paper, comes in a rich coffee color, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to any setting. This transformation addresses both aesthetic and sustainability goals, showcasing Arper’s commitment to reducing environmental impact.

One of the most remarkable features of the Catifa Carta chair is its fully disassemblable components. This design choice allows for easy repair and replacement of parts, significantly extending the chair’s lifespan and reducing waste. Additionally, removable seat cushions and covers provide opportunities to customize the chairs to fit various interior design styles. This versatility ensures that the Catifa Carta can seamlessly integrate into different environments, from contemporary offices to cozy home settings.

Arper’s approach to the Catifa Carta exemplifies the values of a custom furniture design ethos, where innovation meets sustainability. By leveraging pioneering materials and conscientious practices, Arper sets a new standard for responsible business in the furniture industry. CEO Roberto Monti emphasizes the company’s dedication to leading by example, proving that responsible business practices can go hand in hand with cutting-edge creativity. The introduction of PaperShell as the first practical application in furniture is a testament to this philosophy, marking a significant step forward in sustainable design.

Catifa Carta Chair

The Catifa Carta was prominently featured at Salone del Mobile during Milan design week, highlighting Arper’s innovative strides in furniture design. This launch not only underscores the brand’s enduring commitment to environmental stewardship but also reinforces its reputation as a leader in the design world. For those interested in learning more about the Catifa Carta and Arper’s sustainable initiatives, additional information is available on their website.

In collaboration with Dezeen, this article shines a spotlight on Arper’s latest achievement, demonstrating how a custom furniture design approach can drive positive change in the industry while maintaining aesthetic excellence. By prioritizing sustainability and innovative design, Arper continues to inspire and set benchmarks for responsible business practices in the contemporary design landscape.

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