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Airiva: Joe Doucet’s Innovative Urban Wind Turbines

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Renowned designer Joe Doucet unveils Airiva, a revolutionary wind power system designed to seamlessly integrate into urban landscapes. Unlike traditional wind turbines, Airiva’s sleek, modular design blends form and function, offering a visually appealing solution for clean energy generation in city streets and buildings.

At the heart of Airiva’s design are its two-meter-tall vertical blades, sporting a sculptural helix shape that sets them apart from conventional propeller-style turbines. Doucet emphasizes the mesmerizing movement of these blades, making Airiva an attractive addition to buildings, campuses, and roadsides.

Urban Infrastructure

“Distributed energy generation is the future,” says Doucet. “Airiva’s elevated design not only enhances visual appeal but also integrates seamlessly within urban infrastructure, bringing clean energy closer to where we live and work.”

Airiva’s modular and scalable design allows for versatile deployment in various urban scenarios. Each unit comprises four blades enclosed in square “wall segments,” easily joined together to form units of virtually endless length. This adaptability ensures that Airiva can effectively harness wind energy in diverse environments, from airports to commercial buildings and beyond.


The journey from concept to reality has been a meticulous process of engineering and testing. Doucet’s commitment to aesthetics and performance led to the development of the helical blade shape, optimized for efficiency through rigorous wind tunnel testing.

Sustainable Design

While Airiva’s units may not match the power output of industrial turbines, they excel in distributed energy generation. Initial testing suggests that each wall segment can provide 1,100 kilowatt-hours in annual energy production, making a significant contribution to urban energy demands.

Moreover, Airiva is designed to complement existing energy sources rather than replace them entirely. Doucet envisions Airiva systems supplementing grid electricity, particularly in commercial buildings, campuses, and public facilities.

Urban Sustainability

Urban Planning

With sustainability at its core, Airiva prioritizes the use of recycled materials, aiming for 80% recycled content in its manufacturing process. As the company prepares to test full-scale prototypes and pilot projects, the future of urban wind energy looks promising with Airiva leading the way.

Joe Doucet’s innovative approach to urban wind turbines represents a significant step forward in sustainable urban development. As cities strive to reduce their carbon footprint, Airiva offers a compelling solution for clean, renewable energy generation in the heart of urban environments.

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