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aequo.design: OBJ Collection for Palais

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aequo.design develops ambiguous objects from industrial materials for Palais de Tokyo, blurring the lines between design and art. The OBJ Collection, commissioned by Palais de Tokyo, serves as a visual extension of the contemporary art center, offering versatile design objects that encourage creativity and inventiveness.

Crafted from standardized industrial materials, each piece in the OBJ Collection is produced locally in France, highlighting aequo.design’s commitment to sustainability and local production. The collection includes concrete candle stands and zinc vases, among other objects, all designed to be open-ended and to invite users to participate in the creative process.

This intentional ambiguity is a key aspect of the collection, allowing users to define the purpose and function of each object based on their own interpretation and needs. By blurring the lines between design and art, aequo.design challenges traditional notions of functionality and encourages users to explore their own creativity.


Commissioned by Palais de Tokyo, aequo.design’s OBJ Collection not only offers innovative design objects but also serves as a tangible link to the rich history and culture of the institution. Each object is a miniature artwork, reflecting the Palais de Tokyo’s commitment to promoting art beyond its physical confines.


As a multidisciplinary design studio, aequo.design’s work goes beyond traditional design practices, exploring new forms, materials, and concepts. The OBJ Collection is a testament to their innovative approach, offering design objects that are not only visually striking but also conceptually rich and thought-provoking.

Overall, aequo.design’s OBJ Collection for Palais de Tokyo is a celebration of creativity, inventiveness, and the blurred boundaries between design and art. By inviting users to participate in the creative process, the collection challenges conventional ideas about design and encourages a more personal and interactive approach to everyday objects.

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